Sleep naturally with organic wool bedding.

organic wool duvet preventing night sweats and regulating temperature

All Urban Wool bedding is expertly manufactured using organic wool which is encased in organic cotton thread. Organic wool is a sustainable fibre with a clean conscious and is fully biodegradable making it one of the most environmentally friendly fibres on earth.
You are less likely to experience allergies or sensitivities sleeping under a wool duvet because wool bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.
Wool's natural crimp creates a lot of very small insulating pockets which keeps the wearer cool in the summer months and warm when it's a little colder.
When wool fibre is used to make wool quilts, wool mattress toppers or wool pillows it works effortlessly to absorb vast quantities of moisture vapour which are then evaporated into the air keeping the skin fresher and drier for a long time.
Wool bedding prevents night sweats throughout the summer months and will also help you stay warm in the winter and will naturally help you and your family sleep for longer all night long.