5 ways to get a better summer night’s sleep

1. The most important thing is using natural fibres, including cotton and wool. Both of them will help balance body temperature, which is important to keeping cool in the hotter summer months.

2. Choosing a duvet that is right for you is equally as important. We have two different types of duvet, lightweight and mediumweight

3. When it comes to covers, again, stick with natural fibres. Opt for a lower thread count, as a higher thread count means a tighter weave which usually traps heat. Try a fabric like cotton which like wool is moisture wicking so doesn't trap heat.

4. When choosing pillows be aware that many are synthetic and hold in heat as well. Choose a pure wool pillow instead, as it provides gentle neck support and keeps the body cooler. Our new pillows are bespoke made to suit your needs.

5. Putting your mind in a calm state before bed is another component to keeping cool. Try surrounding yourself with fresh summer patterns and colors like turquoise, deep blue, or purple. Even grey tones and taupe work well to cool down the feel of a room. We have a beautiful range of pure wool throws and blankets for your home.