Avoid Losing Sleep during Allergy Season

After a mild winter followed by snow in spring we can now safely say we are in Summer. The amount of sneezing circulating finally confirms Summer is here along with all the allergies that come with it.

The sun is out more frequently, birds are in the trees and the flowers are in bloom. What could possibly make us miserable? Allergy season is what!

Most of us, if not a sufferer know someone who is. Yes there's a whole host of them including hay fever, caused when airborne pollen get into the body through the eyes, nose or throat. 

Symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis are Itchy eyes and throat, runny nose and eyes, headaches and irritability. 

Whilst these symptoms are troubling what is often overlooked is lack of sleep which in actual fact can compound the symptoms.

At bedtime noses can clog up airwaves causing discomfort and snoring. The snot=ring can have a knock on affect to partners!

There are a lot of ways a person can try to reduce their symptoms such as:

Stay indoors when pollen is high. Shut the windows and doors. Especially in the mornings when pollen is usually higher.

Remove outside clothing as soon as you get him and pop it in the wash. Same goes for bedlinen. Change and wash frequently.

Don't hang washing on the line. Use an indoor airer

Keep floors and surfaces dust free. Vacuum and polish daily

A humidifier is supposed to help - give one a try

A sauna or steamy shower at night will unclog your sinuses

Use a nasal wash to keep your nasal passages clear

Use over the counter medication and if it gets too much see your doctor.

Pure wool is hypoallergenic and will ward off dust mites so if your allergy is dust mites move over to natural clothes and bedding.