How does Winter really affect your sleep?



Our body clock is maintained by exposure to sunlight and as the nights draw in you may find you want an extra hour or so in bed.


As many as 90% of us have mood and energy lows as we approach the cooler, darker time of yer. It is not uncommon to hear people suggest they have S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder). In reality about 5% of us suffer with this but there is around 20% of us that do suffer with some form of ‘winter blues’ so it’s not something we should ignore.


Whilst we may want more sleep it is not always the most healthy option. If we sleep between 7-9 hours then that should actually be enough. Needing any more sleep should possibly be talked through with a doctor though often simple tweaks to your lifestyle is enough. 


Some people choose to use artificial lights which are often termed a SAD lamps. There are numerous ones on the market so do your research first. Me, well I personally opt for getting out early with the pups for that walk. I may dread the thought of it as I wake from a deep sleep but never regret it when I get back home!