If you are thinking about making the switch to organic bedding then read on..

Lady on bed with pure wool bedding

Switching to organic bedding is a positive step towards a healthier home environment. With numerous bedding companies to choose from how do you make the right choice?

For starters we suggest you always do your research and the narrow down what fibres you prefer and will benefit you best. A big misconception is that anything that says organic or natural is just that but read the label as many have a percentage of synthetic fibres in to make it more affordable to produce and this can be unto 50%!


At Urban Wool we are proud to say we only select the best natural fabrics based on organic materials and sustainability. Our commitment is that we follow a stringent pre-selection process that guarantees excellent organic products that are made with you in mind from start to finish. 


If still unsure then consider the following benefits before making a firm decision:


Healthy Sleep


  • Pure wool organic bedding from Urban Wool has not had any nasty pesticides near the fabric
  • Pure wool organic bedding from Urban Wool is naturally dust mire resistant so aids restful sleep to allergy sufferers
  • Pure wool organic bedding from Urban Wool 




Protecting the earth’s natural resources is important to us and many of our customers. The production of conventional cotton used in most bedding can have serious consequences across all individuals. Conventional cotton processing can involve another set of fabric processing chemicals and dyes that have been proven to cause health effects. The most harmful effect, however, occurs in the soil, where pesticides contaminate and deplete nutrients that help plants grow naturally. This repeated process from the harvesting and manufacturing process is simply unsustainable and endangers future crops, water supplies, and human health.

Organic bedding is not only remarkably durable, but also bio-degradable, and produced with sustainable methods. It will not break down naturally once it is worn 



Organic bedding definitely feels better. The fabric has less contact with harsh chemicals which results in a naturally soft experience and gentle feel. 


Temperature Regulation (wool and cotton)


Both are naturally breathable and wick away moisture to keep you at a stable temperature throughout the night.  



Excellent Quality


When you buy organic you are paying for better quality.

Organic cotton is picked by hand which provides a cleaner product that doesn’t require harsh additives. The cotton is cleaned using hot water and vegetable based soaps rather than chemicals.


We recognise the value of using organic farming methods which is why all of our bedding is created using organic wool and cotton. When you get in to bed you'll know you made the right choice.


There is so much that can be read up on this subject so do some research yourself or if you want more detail on our products give David a call on 01562 950133