Is Autumn the best season for sleep?

Cooler nights, decreased allergens, and an excuse for a warm bath before bed are some of the reasons that autumn is the best season for sleep. Read why we think Autumn is a great time to sleep:


Cooler climate but not cold


The dropping temperatures may bring on thoughts of winter weather such as sleet, and snow but it also means that for a few months, you can sleep with the windows open without fear of overheating or shivering away. Sleeping with the windows open allows air to circulate freely in your bedroom and helps your body cool down and settle into a restful slumber. This is a great reason as to why bedding from Urban Wool is perfect as it is naturally breathable (keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer).


It gets darker earlier

Autumn sleep season

With less daylight comes more sleep time. It’s hard to get yourself ready for bed when the sun is still shining but when it’s dark outside climbing into bed is a dream. Take advantage of longer nights by winding down earlier than usual and aiming to get to bed a little earlier. 

After all it’s hibernation season!


Most allergens go with the summer


Summer is great but with it comes allergies. Pollen and dust make life miserable for many of us. Usually, autumn means that we can finally take a break from the antihistamines and eye drops and breathe easier. This in turn will ensure better sleep. It’s hard to sleep when you’re congested.

Take advantage of the brief gap between allergy and cold seasons and get some decent sleep!