Magnesium - The latest buzz around great sleep and improved health that women are raving about

Lady running magnesium supplement

Reading through todays news articles I came across this one from Australia which states Magnesium is the latest health supplement we should be taking and I have to admit this is one I hear my wife and her yoga pals talking about a lot lately.


The article states

  • A growing number of fitness enthusiasts are introducing magnesium to their diet
  • The mineral is vital for nerves and muscles, circulatory health and quality sleep
  • Beauty brands jumping on to this by adding to ingredients


We continually strive for better health in a world where we live longer and are more conscious of what is good for us and how we can improve our lifestyles.


‘Magnesium is the buzz ingredient of the moment, beloved by the wellness industry for the myriad benefits it promises.

Found in practically every cell of the human body, magnesium is responsible for healthy nerves and muscles, good gut health and a proper functioning circulatory system, improving sleep quality and even reducing anxiety.’


Magnesium can be taken orally or applied to the skin

It has been scientifically proven to stabilise hormonal imbalances and aid skin disorders

Many beauty brands are infusing products with magnesium especially those who claim a more holistic approach to beauty.



Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body.

It helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function while also supporting the immune system and stabilising heart rate.

It plays a role in maintaining strong bones and regulates blood glucose levels.

Magnesium can soothe eczema prone skin while also combatting type 2 diabetes and reducing inflammation in the body. 

Source: Medline Plus