Reducing Our Risks

Breast Cancer Prevention
I recently wrote an article in support of Breast Cancer UK and the their campaign on prevention which is taking the internet by storm - and with good reason.
We expose ourselves every minute of the day with chemicals and toxins often without a thought of the detriment they can have on us. 
We live busier lives than ever which in turn resorts to relying on fast foods and quick fixes. 
Years ago we ate from the land, wore natural fabrics and looked after our skin with the minimum of fuss. We purchased items to last as opposed to easily replaceable items.
As much as we think we couldn’t cope without what we feel are ‘necessities’ we actually could. Some of our mothers did and most of our grandmothers did.
Who remembers sleeping under pure wool blankets? We didn’t change them as the seasons changed as they did the trick all year round, exactly as a wool duvet does!
Many households had a wash day where bed linen would be washed, aired on the line nd then ut back on the bed. Many of us now have the luxury of multiple sets of bed linen - are we wasting money as well as harming the environment and arguably ourselves.
What about picking apples from trees, blackberries from bushes in the countryside? Great fun as children yet how many of us are guilty of picking all this up in the supermarket and giving the kids paid for entertainment such as smart phones, iPads etc. 
I was lucky and came from a privileged background, thankfully in an age where electronic devices were non existent. I loved going out with friends on a Sunday morning mooching around for blackberries in the most random places, along cancel sides, down pub footpaths. We’d come back with our bounty and my grandmother would make the most amazing apple nd blackberry pie which would be for pudding. I’d help in preparation of dinner by sitting on the kitchen step shelling peas purchased from the local market.
Summers would be in Cornwall crabbing with my dad and brother. They’d also do some fishing, something I couldn’t get the hang of but was more than happy to eat the catch of the day.
Fresh air and fresh food are two luxuries I am delighted to have experienced and are something I believe is a right of very child and it needn’t cost the earth. Planning is what it’s all about, which is easier said than done.
As much as I now the benefits of the natural environment I have fallen by the wayside that’s why I’ve chosen to task myself with a reducing toxins in my home and clearing out all processed food from the cupboards. Watch this space…..
Check out the link below for more information and advise http://www.breastcanceruk.org.uk/reduce-your-risk