Sleep Fact 3 - Sleeping tips for teenagers

Teenager Sleeping

There are several practical hints and tips for parents that may help the teenager with sleep problems.  Talking over worries may well help to put them into perspective.  


  • Try to impress on the teenager the importance of sleep and the need for at least eight hours’ sleep on school nights
  • Encourage regular exercise - 20 minutes three times a week will help
  • Suggest a reduction of caffeine intake (in coke drinks as well as coffee)
  • Point out that eating too much or too little close to bedtime - an over full or empty stomach - may prevent sleep onset, or cause discomfort throughout the night
  • Try and get the teenager into a going to bed routine - suggest that doing the same things in the same order before going to sleep can help
  • Ensure a good sleep environment - a room that is dark, cool, quiet, safe and comfortable. For more information visit www.perfectsleepenvironment.org.uk 
  • Make sure the teenager has a comfortable bed.  It may be time to get a new                    one - and encourage him or her to choose it themselves.
  • Don’t give teenagers hand-me-down bedding.  A good rule of thumb: if the bed’s no longer good for its first user it’s not good enough for a teenage child either.


Remember, habits learned in adolescence often become lifetime habits - so make sure good sleep habits are learned early.

Source The Sleep Council


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