Sleeping through Fall

Sleeping into Fall


As Autumn beds in we need to remember the importance of being outside..


The last rays of summer are here and temperatures are starting to drop. Now is the time many of us automatically opt to begin our hibernation process. But what effect does this have on our sleep?


It is no surprise that our natural environment is important to aid restful sleep and yet many of us choose to stay inside as often as possible, when in actual fact we should be wrapping up and getting some fresh air.


There is a direct link to physical and mental health benefits when taking regular exercise, having exposure to natural daylight and getting quality sleep.


Those of us not fortunate enough to have access to natural daylight and exercise see a significant increase in sleep and mental health issues such as depression. This increases with age, so it is vital we get ourselves wrapped up warm and take some exercise. A gentle walk around the block is better than no walking at all. And of course the fresh air and exercise will aid restful sleep!


Spare a thought to anyone who is alone or has limited access to the outdoors.  Maybe you can help them too?