15 Random Sleep Facts

1. Temperature:  Our body temperature should drop one or two degrees to get off to sleep, sol leave the heating low and open a window for air to circulate

2. Weight Gain: Lack of sleep makes us head for the biscuit tin as we tend to be hungrier when not well rested

3. Forgetfulness: Lack of sleep makes us forget. So staying up the night before and exam or presentation won't cut it.

4. Concentration: Lack of concentration is a known issue with poor sleep. If you've not had your quota then question if you should be driving or operating machinery. 

5. Full Moon: We tend to have a more disturbed sleep when there's a full moon. 

6. Ageing: Lack of sleep means lack of rejuvenation which in turn means drier skin leading to wrinkles

7. Dreaming: Some people dream purely in black and white

8. Two thirds of a cats life is spent asleep. 

9. Humans spend a third of their life sleeping

10. Around 15% of us sleep walk

11. Almost half of the UK sleep in the foetal position

12. The longest record of someone sleeping is 11 days

13. Humans are the only mammals that delay sleep

14. Newborn babies spend amount 65% of their sleep in REM

15. Light exposure, even just to the glowing numbers on an alarm clock can cause sleep disturbance