It's another Bank Holiday so will that mean messing up your week ahead?

Many of us choose to go to bed later at weekends than we do in the week and bank holidays are no different. As a result of going to bed later we often wake later, research shows young adults most often do this. With this in mind it is likely on Tuesday many people will feel a little sleep deprived when getting up.

I recently read an article by Jacek Urbanek of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He states chronic sleep deprivation on nights during our working week is often made up on weekends, though I'm sure we all know that and have been guilty of trying to catch up on lost zzz's. What is concerning is that this lack of good sleep has been linked to depression, smoking, substance dependence. In addition to this there is a link to weight gain in adolescents along with less physical activity. In adults sleep deprivation can be linked to strokes, cardio vascular disease and numerous other life threatening health related issues.

None of this is good news and is only a reminder that a good nights sleep needs to be a priority rather than snatched hours fitting in around lifestyles

So what's the answer?

We're all different but in America one are that is being looked at is starting the school day later so that youngsters are fresher for lessons and more likely to have better levels of concentration. Sadly this isn't on the cards in the UK so we have to put some focus on keeping sleep patterns regular, in particular with children.

For us adults we need to take notice of what we are doing to our bodies and sooner rather than later.

If you must go to bed late then try to flex your working hours to accommodate. If you work for yourself or have control of your diary then it's proven a mid day nap has a host of benefits so make sure you log off and turn the phone to silent while you catch a few zzz's after lunch - you'll not regret it!