Why woollen bedding is the best way to get a good night's sleep

  • The average person is said to sweat one litre a night
  • But wool fibres absorb sweat preventing people becoming too hot
  • Because they are comfortable, they sleep for longer and more deeply
  • Wool adapts to suit each individual so a couple can both be comfortable even if they like different temperatures
People who struggle to sleep should consider switching to woollen bedding, new research suggests. Wool fibres absorb moisture, including sweat, making it easier for the body to regulate its temperature. This leads to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

On average, people sweat a litre of water every night and this sweat cannot be absorbed by the synthetic materials often used to make bedding, The Times reports. As a result, people using these bedding materials are more likely to find themselves uncomfortably hot. Researchers at the University of Sydney asked eight volunteers to sleep in in woollen bedding, cotton bedding and synthetic bedding at three different temperatures.

They discovered that, particularly when their bedroom was warmer, people slept for longer and more deeply when using woollen bedding. The news comes at a time when wool is increasingly popular with eight new mills opening in Britain in the last ten years.