Sleep on wool

Wool’s unique vapour management system moves moisture away from the skin allowing you to stay cooler and drier with a more consistent body temperature throughout the night, whatever the season. Moisture vapour is absorbed into the wool fibre structure reducing moist conditions which also discourages the propagation of dust mites. What’s more, Woolmark bedding labelled as machine washable and tumble dry can be safely washed at home on the 40°C gentle action cycle.

A great night’s sleep means a more relaxed, and stress-free day.

For thousands of years, wool has been the natural way to enjoy a comfortable, luxurious and tranquil night’s rest. Today the bedroom is much more than a place for sleeping. It is a quiet haven, a retreat from the stresses of day-to-day life. Wool provides the perfect mix of strength and softness that gives powerful feelings of safety, security and comfort.

Wool is warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

Wool fibres trap millions of microscopic pockets of air and when wool is used in bedding it is this air that keeps us warm during the coldest of winter nights. In summer, wool’s natural temperature regulating properties take over to keep you cool, giving unparalleled comfort.

In addition to premium comfort and multi-climatic temperature control, you can sleep easy knowing that you are utilising one of the world’s most eco-friendly textiles. Wool’s unique structure of amino acids makes it flame resistant, contributing natural safety properties. Its waxy outer layer resists dirt and stains.

Wool’s special comfort and safety properties are available in a wide range of beautiful, luxurious - but highly affordable - bedding products. These include blankets in various weights, constructions and designs; wool-filled quilts (comforters, duvets and futons) and pillows, wool pile underblankets and even wool-filled mattresses.

Soft and luxurious to touch, the wool fibre is unsurpassed in flexible strength.  In fact an individual wool fibre can be bent 20,000 times before it will break. For this reason wool blankets and throw rugs are difficult to tear because wool fibres can be bent backwards and forwards without breaking. An investment in bedding is a long-term investment in quality, comfort and performance.