Hypoallergenic Bedding for a Healthy Sleep

Wool is becoming increasingly recognised as an ideal material for bedding because of its naturally hypoallergenic properties. Unlike synthetic based bedding, wool offers a hostile environment for dust mites, as it reduces temperature and the humidity needed for them to survive. For those suffering from sensitivities, allergies, and particularly skin conditions, wool based bedding is anti-bacterial and a highly effective option against the dust mite allergen, mould or fungus.

A recent study testing sleep quality in relation to bedding material, used eight healthy volunteers who slept in and on wool, cotton and synthetic sleepwear and bedding at hot, neutral and cold temperatures. The differences in the levels of sleep showed that wool produced a longer and deeper sleep, particularly at the highest temperature. Scientists believe that wool improves sleep because it can wick away vast quantities of moisture produced by our bodies at night, keeping us comfortable and dry.

Wool also helps to regulate body temperature, so that you’ll feel cool in hotter weather and warm in a colder climate. As a naturally derived product, un-bleached and un-dyed wool bedding will ensure that there are no harmful chemicals which could aggravate the skin, so it’s extremely comfortable to have covered closely over you. Wool bedding is therefore a great option to alleviate the symptoms of asthma, eczema and other allergies or sensitivities for an improved and healthier sleep.

Wool has the additional benefits of being eco-friendly, as it’s a sustainable and recyclable natural resource. All Urban Wool bedding is made with fully sustainable British wool fibre using 100% pure wool. Our soft natural bedding will lessen the impact on sleep caused by irritation and allergens to give you a sounder sleep.

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