How wool bedding can help with night sweats

Waking during the night hot and drenched in sweat could simply result from being overheated in warm conditions; however, if this happens frequently, even on cooler nights, you could be suffering from night sweats.

Night sweats are a common problem causing discomfort and a disrupted sleep. There are many factors that may contribute to night sweats, including consuming certain foods and drinks before going to bed, to more serious health conditions:

  • Having alcohol or spicy food before bed
  • The side effects of medication such as birth control pills or antidepressants
  • Menopause or hormonal changes
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Illness or other medical conditions, including low blood sugar to tuberculosis and some types of cancers

Although it’s advisable to contact your GP if you feel that you’re experiencing night sweats, there are simple measures you can take at home to reduce discomfort and prevent restlessness during the night. Investing in lighter bed clothing and bedding will help you feel cooler and more comfortable, however the type of bedding you choose is highly important.

You’ll best benefit from a material that can most effectively wick away moisture and lower your body temperature, to reduce excessive sweating. It’s becoming increasingly evident that wool bedding is ideal for helping to control the effects of night sweats due to its thermal and strong absorption properties. As a completely natural and renewable resource, pure wool based bedding can alleviate the symptoms of night sweats in the following ways:

Unlike cotton, which can absorb only 10% of its weight in moisture, wool’s considerable wicking properties means that it can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture. This means that it will keep you dryer for longer and you’ll feel more comfortable during the night. As we can lose around half a litre in sweat every night, wool bedding is a suitable choice for anyone who wishes to lower discomfort and disturbance when sleeping.

Wool is also naturally thermoregulating, helping to keep you cooler in warmer conditions and warmer in a colder environment. To reduce the effects of night sweats, wool fibres create a lining of still, dryer air next to your skin to cool your body as external temperatures rise. Being too hot is a common problem for many when trying to sleep, as if the temperature rises above the ideal temperature for sleep, it will take longer to fall asleep and once sleep is achieved, it will be broken up.

Studies have shown that soft, pure wool is better than synthetic feather and down bed fillings, at helping to promote a deep sleep, or an REM, dreaming state. Wool is a soothing material, relieving as a bedding material for sufferers of skin conditions such as eczema. It’s a naturally hypoallergenic filling which offers a hostile environment for dust mites, as it reduces temperature and the humidity needed for them to survive. For those suffering from night sweats, wool bedding will enable a more soothing and deeper sleep, with minimised irritation causing restlessness.

If you’re experiencing night sweats and would like to find out more about how wool bedding can help ease your sleep, see our selection of wool based bedding or contact us on 01423 275088.