Allergies or Asthma affecting your sleep?

Replacing synthetic bedding with pure wool is definitely high on the list of remedies for helping sort out your allergies.

Bed bugs and dust mites don't like wool as it is not hot or humid enough for them to survive and many allergies and most cases of asthma are caused by these little visitors.

Dust mites allergies

Another cause of any respiratory issues in old and mildew so it's good to know wool is naturally resistant to hold and mildew. Wool wicks away water so prevents moisture from being retained.

In addition to our beautiful bedding here are some other tips to help you minimise allergies at this time of year

Limit carpets and upholstery if possible. If you must have it opt for wool when you are next looking for a change. Wool carpets are more expensive but they will last a lot longer and not hold onto dust mites - surely good sleep is worth the outlay long term?

While we all do our best to help the planet and are encourage to wash at 3, if you do suffer then we suggest washing sheets every week on a hot wash. Always use 100% cotton and a hot wash will ensure all germs and dust particles are gone.

Use a dehumidifier if having windows open affects you

Remove stuffed toys from children rooms - they may love them but they hold onto so may germs and the dreaded dust mites 

Keep windows and doors closed during times of high pollen

There are a range of natural herbs on the market and it is said local honey is good and helps with allergies.

Let us know how you get on..