Storing and moving your wool bedding

Moving home, travelling, camping?

Urban Wool Paking

We often get asked how best to store our wool bedding if not in use.

Urban Wool bedding can be stored either in a cedar chest/wardrobe or sealed in plastic. We prefer not to use plastic as we like all things natural but it OK to do so if you don't have another option i.e. limited in space. The most important thing is to be sure that the product is clean and well protected from moths.  When your bedding is being used regularly, moths are not an issue, but when stored in the dark, it is important that the  packaging is completely sealed so moths can't get in.  Cedar naturally repels moths, as well as essential oils and herbs such as Lavender, Patchouli, Oregano and Palo Santo.  

Place your bedding in a breathable bag to protect it while traveling. We carry a limited supply of large cotton bags at any one time so if on the move give us a call and we'll look after you.


Looked after well your Urban Wool Organic Wool Bedding will last you for years.