Choose Ethical Bedding First

I’d be confident in saying that wool is arguably the most ethical bedding on the market. No chemicals or dyes are used in the manufacture of our duvets, toppers or pillows.

We’re truly passionate about animals, just ask anyone what we’re like with our two pups Ada and Flo! So we ensure no sheep are harmed in the making of our bedding. 

The natural temperature control system that comes with wool is also perfect for sufferers of night sweats, over heating or those who get too cold in bed. Being very hygenic, wool has to be the obvious choice!


When it's time to invest in your warmth and comfort,
always beware any questionable 'pure wool' claims and cheap imitations


Urban Wool Bedding

100% pure organic wool – no resins – perfect for allergy sufferers.

Wool is organically washed before carding.

100% organic cotton cover.

Superior line stitched quality.


Some other Bedding Suppliers

Can contain up to 10% nylon additives.

Potential resin and chemical presence.

Wool source often unknown.