Pure Organic Wool, Free Of Chemicals.

One of the reasons we began to make pure wool bedding in the first place was to get away from all of the allergy causing products out there on the market. We’ve hooked up to support Breast Cancer UK to promote the use of chemical free products as part of their REDUCE YOUR RISK campaign.

Allergy sufferers can be confident of a better nights sleep with chemical free bedding. 

We source organic wool which is chemically free and washed prior to carding, and our covers are made from organic cotton. 

Many other bedding companies out there promote pure wool bedding but always check as often nasty chemical products such as polypropylene. Urban Wool bedding is pure and natural so you can sleep in confidence every night. It’s also the reason many allergy companies use us first. 

Give us a try, with our 30 day guarantee what have you got to lose?