Christmas - A time of Rest, Stress or Work - which are you?

We have just over 4 weeks to go before we can switch off from the stresses of work and shopping and focus on spending quality time with our families and loved ones. Or do we?

Some of us can do this easily whilst others not so...


Great if you have no commitments to anyone else or have arranged to get away from it all - a privilege to few! 

If rest is what you want this year maybe you need to look at who will be around you. Can you delegate any chores to others so you are sharing the load.

Have you invited guests? Whilst a great time for catching up with our loved ones this can take it's toll with over indulgence of both food and drink. This then pays havoc with our diet and sleep. So whilst celebrating is great recovery is a different matter.

Give this some thought before agreeing to all those parties - maybe stagger them?



Relatives or friends staying over? Elderly relatives to cater for? Young children? Food shopping? Presents..the list of stresses are endless and can cause serious anxiety - If we allow it. 

If you are one of those that stress about getting everything right then it's time to take stock. This is your Christmas too and you deserve a break as much as anyone. Share the chores, learn to say no and breath - relaxing comes from breathing effectively. 



If you are are working over Christmas ensure you plan some time out so it doesn't pass in a blur - We may have the date of 25th but you can create your own day and it doesn't have to be the same as everyone else - the main thing is you take a break.


Those working in the service sectors really do need the support of us all in getting a break when their schedules allow. As last year we are always happy to offer discounts for our heroes - just drop a line to David or pick up the phone!