Love is in the air...

With Valentine’s day almost upon us you could be forgiven for thinking love is in the air…or is it? 

A quick google search on sleep and romance will deliver results you may not be expecting and make for grim reading.

Apparently many people say they don’t like to be touched in bed once they drift off to sleep and pretty much all couples interviewed said they don’t even bother to kiss goodnight any longer!

We all know how awful it is not to get a good nights sleep. You could be tired from work or surrounded by irritable children and the like but it’s not just our day to day tasks that lack of sleep is taking its toll on, it’s our love lives too. And it seems that a lack of sleep makes us less considerate of our partners.

So, do we continue to suffer or is it time to shake things up and make an effort to get our sleep and romance sorted once and for all?

Here’s a few top tips to get things back on track:

Invest in a large bed with a quality mattress. Tossing and turning in our sleep not only keeps us awake but also disturbs our partners. Don’t squash into a bed that’s too small and certainly don’t sleep on a poor quality mattress. See it as a serious investment. We spend a huge amount of time in bed but rarely consider this when looking at price tags. As a rule of thumb you get what you pay for!

If you or your partner snore and it is causing issues then seek advice or contact your GP. There could be something triggering this which a visit to the doctor could put right.

Stop the duvet hogging and get a bigger duvet. Around half of the king and super king size duvets we sell are for smaller beds. Our customers over the years have educated us that choosing a duvet one size larger is the way to a peaceful nights sleep.

Banish all blue screens from the bedroom. That means there should be no TV, mobile phones or iPads. Not only does the light effect your sleep but it’s not particularly romantic to see your partner on their device.

The temperature of your bedroom also needs to be considered. Too hot or too cold is never a good thing and the optimum temperature for a good nights sleep is one degree lower than your body. Consider our temperature regulating wool bedding if you want the perfect sleeping environment

Bed linen is important. Crisp, clean, fresh cotton can’t be beaten and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Keep an eye on labels though as many professing to be cotton may actually have some synthetic fibres included.

Finish off the room nicely for Valentine’s day by setting the scene with dimmed lights and gentle music.

And of course don’t forget to get sitters for the kids and put the dogs on their own bed. After all it’s only once a year 💕💕