How to get your children to sleep well on Christmas Eve

Anyone who has had contact with young children around Christmas time know just how hard it can be containing their excitement enough to get them to bed snd more importantly to sleep so they wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy all that the day has to offer.

Sleeping child

We've been reading up on the suggested top tips to ensure they get s found sleep so here goes:

1. Don't overdo the sugar. Limit sweets and soda's especially as the day wears on. Sugar stimulates and so will not help when trying to calm them down for the night.

2. Fresh air. Ensure they get lots of fresh air during the day. It's not as cold this year but you'll still want to wrap them up and get them breathing some fresh air and benefiting from natural daylight.

3. Warm bath. A warm bath at bedtime will relax them especially if they've had a day outside.

4. No electronics in the bedroom. There is absolute proof that the light given off from electronics disrupts sleep.

5. Routine. bed should be at the same time every night. try not to change the routine even if it is just for one night.

6. Read a nice bed long time story.

7. Remind them Santa is watching and as we all know he only visits good children.

If these don't work good luck over Christmas - I suspect you may be a tad tired.

Above all else enjoy - it's your Christmas too!