Your health, diet and sleep over the Festive period

Well we're officially now into our festive celebrations ant home and work and it's no surprise that our diet, health and sleep are all likely to suffer as a result of over indulgence of food, drink and socialising.

Party Time

All those good routines in place before Christmas tend to take a back seat while we kick back and take time out often stating 'I'll get back on track in the New Year'.

So it won't come as a surprise that come the New year many people are not well with flu like symptoms, sickness bugs and are in general lethargic.

Sleep is our biggest asset in fighting off ailments. Insulin is triggered when our body takes on stress and sugar, both of which are culprits at Christmas time.

When we sleep our immune system works hard in repairing so a sleep routine all year round is essential to well being. It's not as difficult as we think, we just need to do precisely that - think!

Here's a few ideas to keep you on track

1) Spend time at home with close friends and family where routines won't be frowned upon - If you have kids you can then keep them to a routine too!

2) Offer to drive. Whilst you may get some initial peer pressure to drink it'll be forgotten after they've had a couple and you'll feel so much better the next day. 

3) If you are drinking cut down on sugary mixers and ensure every other drink is a glass of water.

4) Put your children first. We all know how poor sleep can affect them so why out them through the mill at Christmas for the sake of a few whinges at bedtime.

5) As it's holiday time get the family to put their PJ's on at 6.30. This will subconsciously make the minds associate with sleep.

Studies indicate that sleep deprivation affects children’s brains differently than adults with serious negative long-term effects.

Maintaining a consistent, healthy routine in your family is going to keep everyone immediately happy.