It's all about repairing ...

It's a known fact that our bodies need sleep to repair themselves but how seriously do we take this? We often hear people saying they had a late night and need to catch up but they tend to be talking about tiredness espoused to what the real issue is. Without sufficient sleep there are a whole heap of issues that can arise..

Our internal organs work their best when we are rested. According to Chinese medicine our liver detoxes in the early hours of the morning just after midnight.  Our immune system is always stronger if we get enough sleep. We've all seen the affects of people who are stressed out, not getting enough sleep etc they are the ones that tend to often be under the weather with constant cold like symptoms and such like.

Our blood pressure drops and our heart beat slows down to a slow rhythm which reduces strain on the heart.

Our skin rejuvenates whilst it's at rest and not being exposed to the elements of our day to day life including solution and high UV (though we knew sunshine in moderation is great for us)

Depression sufferers often talk about lack of sleep which is a vicious circle as we all need sleep to feel better and so in our opinion sleep issues need to be a priority if ones mental state is not great. 

Ultimately there is no evidence that we can find that says less sleep is good for you. We all have differing needs but as a guide for adults we should be looking at seven to nine hours a night, and if you feel like a nap in the day and can get away with it why not?

After all the world is a much brighter place when looked at through bright eyes and a fresh mind