Sleeping Positions for Those with Pain or Injury

Struggling with getting the right sleeping position while suffering pain?

Try these...

Neck Pain

If you have neck pain your sleeping position may be causing the issue. Do you sleep with more than one pillow? Sleeping on more than one pillow can cause neck pain in the morning. Try sleeping with just one slim pillow, or non at all, put another pillow under your knees for support and always try to sleep on your back and see if that makes the difference you need.

And what's the best pillow? We'd obviously suggest ours as you can adjust the wool to get the perfect shape for your neck. Wool pillows also stop sweating so no more tossing and turning that neck which also causes stiffness. If not one of ours make sure you go for one specific for your neck - one size doesn't fit all so try before you buy.

Shoulder Pain

Lie on the side that isn't hurting. Use a slim pillow (just one) under your head and pop another pillow or cushion between your knees. If you sleep with a partner then another pillow between the top of your bodies so your painful shoulder isn't knocked in the night.


Back Pain

Above all else if this is a constant check out your mattress! We've said this before but it really isn't sensible to sleep on a poor mattress. If you add up the amount of time we spend in bed and good quality mattress should be a priority. Look out for half and half mattresses where each side is different suiting the individual sleeping on it. We opted for a pure wool one with differing sides and haven't looked back - definitely worth the investment!

If it's your upper back that's causing you pain then adopt the same position suggested for shoulder pain. If it's your lower back then it's back to no pillow (or a very slim one and a firm pillow or cushion under your knees while you lie on your back.


Hip and Knee Pain

Sleep on your side with a pillow or cushion in between your knees and as mentioned many times a very slim pillow under your head


Feet and Ankle Injury

Elevation is the key here so grab as many pillows or cushions that you can and that are bearable to sleep with. Lie on your back with a flat pillow under your head and your feet elevated as high as possible. Most people struggle with more than two but if you can manage three you'll reap the rewards.


A lot of this is common sense but many people still get the pillows wrong - try out our fully adjustable ones. After all what have you got to lose?