Menopause and Insomnia

Menopause Insomnia can be a symptom of peri menopause and menopause.  This insomnia can be chronic and statistics tell us that insomnia rises at a rate of 40% during the transitional phase of peri menopause right through to post menopause.

Do you suffer from lack of sleep?

Are you struggling to stay awake in the day only to find you cannot nod off at night?

Does this worry you to such a level it actually keeps you awake?

Are you grouchy with your partner who seems to have no trouble sleeping?

Mood swings and irritability?

 Hideous hot flushes?

Then join thousands of women around the world who feel the same...

Insomnia can be a contributing factor in many menopausal conditions:

Sleep is vital in regeneration of not just our bodies but our minds too, and lack of it will contribute to irritability, weight gain, depression and our immune system. All these can make us feel awful and have a serious strain on relationships.

A typical adult requires around 8  hours of sleep each night. The hormone responsible for sleep is melatonin. There is a chemical called serotonin which helps to produce melatonin. Unfortunately, up to and during menopause we experience a reduction in our estrogen levels.

 Menopause Insomnia Tips on Getting a Better Nights Sleep

  • Routine - go to bed and rise at the same time everyday
  • Ventilation - our bodies need to drop in temperature to go into a sound sleep
  • Organic temperature regulating is known to work wonders - check out the reviews for us on Trust Pilot
  • No blue screens in the bedroom - and that means phones too!
  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol unto 4 hours before bed
  • Chamomile team is soothing and will calm your system 
  • Sleep in natural fabrics -avoid synthetics in bed linen and PJ's
  • Lavender pillow spray or a lavender diffuser in the bedroom
  • Try a relaxation tune - there are plenty on Spotify and iTunes