Spring has sprung and so has a lovely long Easter weekend

spring lamb
Though we all like more daylight some people do find it a little more difficult to sleep at this time of year so we’ve noted some top tips to help you sleep and wake refreshed 
  1. Always have ventilation in your bedroom - your body temperature needs to drop a couple of degrees to get maximum sleep. Leave a window ajar if upstairs.
  2. Only use 100% pure cotton bed covers. Any synthetics will aggravate your body and cause you to sweat.
  3. If you sleep in PJ’s these too need to be cotton
  4. Don’t eat a heavy meal within 4 hours of going to bed. If you need a back cherries are best though still fairly pricey so opt for a banana and a few almonds.
  5. No blue screens in the bedroom. Hard but a fact of life is they are bad for us before bedtime
  6. Limit alcohol intake and if you can try a cup of chamomile tea. It really doesn’t make long to get hooked and definitely gives you a calmer nights sleep
  7. If restless try reading a book for 20 minutes or maybe a spot of gentle yoga. Just 15 minutes will be enough to relax your mind and body
  8. If you have to wake early try leaving the curtains ajar and letting the natural daylight wake you as opposed to an alarm clock - you’ll feel the benefits all day
  9. A warm lavender scented bath is good to relax the body
  10. If the above isn’t an option a spritz of lavender on your pillow will calm the senses (check out our luxury LT spritz in accessories
Hoping all our lovely visitors have a wonderful Easter break and a rested Bank Holiday