Sleep and the Menopause

Menopause Sleep

This week theres a lot of talk around sleep and the menopause and it's no surprise. Even with temperatures dropping to sub zero many ladies still have the issue of hot flushes/flashes/power surges/tropical moments - whatever we call them they are a nuisance!

The 'menopause' industry is growing by the day as we become a nation of people no longer embarrassed to speak up and where everyone is looking for a solution to these surges in temperature.

Lot's of ladies opt for HRT and if that's what they want and their doctor is happy then that's fine. We like to focus on any natural remedies first before taking the HRT route and  have many wonderful customers who give us their tips and advise on what works for them.

I've jotted below a selection of the most common ones we hear of form our loyal customers:

Number one is always wear thing natural layers. Anything breathable like cotton or a light wool jumper. The last thing you want is nylon or any other sweat inducing fabrics.

2. Cut down on caffeine and drink more water and herbal teas 

3. You've heard it before but plenty of fresh veg and fruit (frozen is as good)

4. Try to minimise stress levels as anxiety seems to bring it on in many

5. Get as much exercise and fresh air as possible. regulating your temperature is the key so wrap up and take yourself on a good brisk walk

6. Starflower oil - especially if you can get the plant. Get the best strength you can afford.

7. Cool shower before bed

8. Window ajar in the bedroom

9. Natural fibres in your nightwear

10. Natural bedding!

Menopause issues can cause those suffering to be come irritable and less focused due to lack of sleep, appetite, weigh gain...sadly there are many more things on this list. It's a hard one to face but once you do, as one of our lovely ladies says 'embrace it - it's all part of being a woman'.

So if you need a nap mid day then go have one, if you want to get up in the middle of the night then do so. Don't be controlled by your past routines - maybe it's time to start a new one!