The world of sleep this week..

This week there appears to have been a surge in sleep articles in the press.

Some we've noted below as we've either found them informative or just plain funny. What do you think?

The Daily Mail reported Snoring as being the main reason partners sleep in separate rooms. No real surprises there!

Readers Digest state there is more evidence that sleeping naked is good for you. While I totally understand this I'm one of those that was brought up being told you need to keep your pjs on at night incase there is an emergency. Fifty odd years later it's still ingrained in my mind so it's cotton PJ's for me every time. The main thing to remember is no artificial fibres in bed and you'll get a good nights sleep.

Atlantic.com talk about school potentially starting earlier as in the main morning people thrive. Not sure about this one as whilst I like mornings I know many people who work well into the wee hours and get a lot done as a result.

The Guardian reminds us that we shouldn't be looking at phone screens as often as most of us do and especially at night. The message is the more screen time, the worse the quality of sleep. They also published an article on the subject of children not getting enough sleep are at risk of obesity


So that's a roundup of the latest news - keep your eye out for our regular updates on all things sleep