The perfect choice for menopause and night sweats

Improve the quality of your sleep

Bedding solution for menopausal women

Finally, for the millions of women who endure the burden of night sweats and hot flashes, there’s an easy way to regain a restful sleep. Sleeping under a wool duvet creates fairy-tale comfort by generating just the right level of warmth and has an amazing ability to wick away moisture preventing you from being too hot in bed.

People suffering from night sweats will benefit from a wool duvet due to it’s breathable properties which adjusts to the body’s temperature and wicks away moisture.

Simply put, by sleeping under an Urban Wool duvet you will instantly notice a significant improvement in your sleep quality.


  • Wool duvets are known for their strong ventilation and moisture absorption which is essential for menopausal comfort
  • Wool duvets create a pleasantly airy and fresh sleeping environment which can benefit those who are prone to night sweats
  • Wool duvets eliminate the need to throw-off the covers in the middle of the night
  • Urban Wool duvets are made using natural fibres and are not chemically treated in any way so they are also good for allergy sufferers 
  • Manufactured in the UK using organically sourced wool and bleach-free soft organic cotton

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