Sleep Stories...

As a family who love their sleep and have without question the best bedding, even we on occasion have nights where sleep just doesn’t come when we want it to.

Having had a very hectic Christmas , the flu virus and then a pretty stressful start to the year I had just about given up on getting back into a normal sleep pattern. That is until I found sleep stories!

We fully understand the pitfalls of having mobile devices and blue lights in a bedroom and totally support sleeping in a natural environment. A dark and airy room where the temperature is a little below your body average should bring a good nights sleep and normally does.

As I was struggling with sleep I started dipping back into past research and revisited my notes on meditation and how powerful it can be and equally how many different forms of it there are. Added to this I thought about what sends children off to sleep and usually it’s the soft voice of a parent reading a story to them.

For someone who also needs silence at night I wasn’t convinced me using meditation or stories would get me off and further more who would read them to me? I didn’t have to look too far as I found the perfect app, one which combines both meditation, sleep music and sleep stories both for adults and children. I can honestly say it’s been fantastic and my sleep is now back to normal. I tend to listen to one sleep story most nights to relax myself and within a matter of minutes I’m off to the land of nod rarely getting to the end of the story.

There are numerous apps out there promising to relax you as well as Audible for great stories where you ca even set a timer so you don’t have to rewind too far back the next night. I can highly recommend giving these a go after all if you’re not sleeping well you have nothing to lose